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December restaurant strongly impresses by combination of Western and Asian authentic cuisine along with premium Red and White Wines to enhance the flavor of foods. Some of them still remains the original taste of Western food like beefsteak, pasta, salmon, Lamb Rib,salad. The others still remains the original taste of Asian food like mixed vegetables, rice, vermicelli, aspecially needs to introduce Oscar fish mixed vegetables, special hand-shredded beef, December spring rolls, Grilled beef with desert style. The others you can not refuse when to come the restaurant that tropical salad, shrimp curry, Lamb ribs grilled with mint sauce, Special Fermented Cow Dick with Pickles, Chicken Cartilage Fried with Garlic. All foods being cooked by fresh raw materials added wonderful skillful chefs create the fantastic aftertaste when serving with wines at restaurant. December are confident to bring all best and full of meaning of dishes to you and your surrounding peoples. At the restaurant we also very happy to serve the vegetarian and childs do not hesitate to pick-up the phone and let us know your queries, our team will serve you as much as we can


December with basic of colour concept is yellow and black to make the cozy feeling but luxury and delicated. All decorated objects are being utilized the wine bottles to hang-out on the walls of all place inside the restaurant. When you come to order you can visually observe the beauty of wines and then select one you love and enjoy with the dishes. For the tablewares all kind of objects December we selected from Bat Trang ceramics village where the place is very famous about handcafted village in North region. These kind of tablewares will support to maintain the flavor and color of food long lasting ever. Why you don’t come to see this pictures, do you?


The designed atmosphere of restaurant comprising cozy, luxury and comfortable feeling. It’s divided into public area for family or business customers, 4 private rooms naming Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter for feast or reception parties with completely private atmosphere inside and finally that’s rooftop naming Skygarden for couples or group want to enjoy open space with music. We serve speaker, micros, guitars for your musical environment with full of feelings lively, relaxed, Cozy, romance or remix…


Coming over here you will be served as real customers by our active, friendly and young servants. They are always smile with you and understand what you want to be served to make you enjoy as your family daily. We commit to bring all the best of food and service for you and your lovable peoples and you can come here everytime as your second home and family.

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